Title eviations
Definitions and Abbr
Working Titles:
Schutzhund: A German word meaning “protection dog.”    This breed evaluation test, 'Schutzhund', was developed specifically to demonstrate the German Shepherd Dog's intelligence and utility.  Schutzhund measures the dog’s mental stability, endurance, structural efficiency, ability to scent, willingness to work, courage and trainability.
SchH 1
Schutzhund l:  Novice Schutzhund; qualification in tracking, obedience, and protection. (This is the beginning level of Schutzhund. 
SchH 2
Schutzhund ll:   Intermediate Schutzhund qualification in tracking, obedience, and protection. The dog must perform all of the requirements of Shutzhund 1, but with considerable more difficulty.
SchH 3
Schutzhund lll:  Masters level of Schutzhund tracking, obedience, and protection.   Everything competed on in the l and ll levels are three times more difficult in Shutzhund lll.  Many dogs can compete, but few will pass and achieve the Shutzhund lll Title.
Herding Dog
Police Dog
FH      FH1   FH2

Tracking Dog                                                                Advanced Tracking                                
Superior tracking qualification
Endurance Title: Endurance trial; 12 miles in 2 hours

International Prüfungsordnung International Schutzhund titles, functionally equivalent to SchH I, II, III.(
Companion Dog . Obedience titles granted by the AKC / CKC
Companion Dog Excellent

Utility dog

Begleithunde - the preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her Schutzhund titles. A combination temperament and obedience test. B and BH are used interchangeably.  (German equivalent of 'Companion Dog-CD)

Temperament Tested
Canine Good Citizen certificate

Conformation Titles:
Vorzuglich Auslese:  "Excellent Select",the highest attainable award by a German show dog and granted only at the annual Sieger (National) Show.
Vorzüglich "Excellent":  A conformation rating being the best at any show that is not the National Championship  or Sieger Show.  (The coveted VA is awarded at the National Championship.)
V1       V2        V3        etc.
Ranking at the BSP, V being excellent and top rating, the top placed dog is V1, second is V2, etc. until reaching the dogs rated SG, then they are SG1, SG2, etc.
Sehr Gut:  'Very Good'; an official German show grade and the highest obtainable by
dogs under two.
Gut: 'Good'; A conformation rating of "good"
Sieger Siegerin
Title given to the top Male and Female at the German National Show; they will also receive the rating of VA-1
Kkl 1
Koerklasse 1:  Especially recommended for breeding.  To achieve this coveted rating, each dog must have attained a CD title  (Companion dog in North America, "BH" in Germany), a minimum of SchH1, certified hips ("a" stamp in Germany, OFA in North America), have an AD title (endurance), and compete at a show to achieve a conformation rating of at least SG ("very good")
Kkl 2
Koerklasse 2: Suitable for breeding. Dog may have a structural or protection work fault which could be compensated for by bloodlines or working qualities. May be resurveyed and reclassified at a later date.


Zuchtbewertung:  Conformation Show Rating followed by:
VA -Vorzuglich Auslese (Excellent Select);  V - Vorzuglich:  (Excellent),  SG - Sehr Gut:  (Very Good); an official German show grade and the highest obtainable by
dogs under two or G - Gut:  Good.
Zuchtwert evaluation (ZW-value):  Breed Value Assessment - a number assigned that gives an indication of the genotype of the dog for breeding purposes.  A more comprehensive explanation is here: http://realgsd.ca/GSDinfo/Care/HD/breedvalue.htm
A European International Champion
ROM - Register of Merit: A title given by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America to animals who have produced a minimum number of conformation Champions and other winning offspring.
Precedes the SV registration number

Health Clearances:
Stamp signifying the dog's hips have been x-rayed and certified acceptable for breeding.
"a"-1 Normal- Certified Normal Hips     
"a"-2 Fast Normal - Certified Near Normal Hips
"a"-3 Noch Zugelassen - Certified still permissible Hips
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (Hip Certification in U.S)
Ontario Veterinary College (Hip Certification in Canada)