June 15th/2013, Ikon won his first CDX leg, under Judge Mrs. I Hutton, with a score 184 1/2  out of 200

only 2 more legs to go...maybe tomorrow!!

JUNE 16TH/2013

I am so happy to announce that Ikon earned his CDX certificate under Judge Mr. P. Townshend in one weekend.




Congratulations again to Carol Virtanen and Dante V Goodshepherd on their IP0 2

The weekend of October 26th, 27th-2013 Under Judge Flugge

Held by Scarborough Select


Pictures from the 2012 Ontario Regional 1P0 Championship Show Breed Survey

Pictures by Lynn Anderson


                                          IKON V GOODSHEPHERD                                                                                                         JUDGE JUDY V GOODSHEPHERD


                         BOOMER V GOODSHEPHERD                                                                                                         IKON V GOODSHEPHERD--JOHN----AUDREY                    


Ontario Regional Championship Show June 6th/2010

Judge Hans-Juergen Begier

IKON V. GOODSHEPHERD - 9 to 12 month male, VP1 rating


At his very first showing Ikon won high point obedience with a score of 194.5 under judge Diana McKenzie and second

place with a score of 191 1/2  under judge Cheryl Bishop at the PADOC Trials, May 16th/10

Congratulations go out to John  Tendam and his partner Goodshepherd`s Hoss , and

 Carol Virtanen and Dante V Goodshepherd on their BH pass at Scarborough Select Schutzhund Trial May 14th/10

John and Hoss

Carol and Dante v Goodshepherd with judge

Congratulations again to Carol and Dante v Goodshepherd for again being high in trial and receiving his finale leg!!

Congratulations to Carol and Dante von Goodshepherd !!!

What a team effort a perfect score of 100 and High Point dog in his class.


Congratulations to our Gouda v Goodshepherd for winning Best of Breed at Victory County Kennel Club!

Congratulations to Adrian and Goodshepherd`s Rocky for passing their BH Test at Capital City May 9th/09


We are happy to announce that Carol Virtanen and her faithful companion SG2 Goodshepherd`s Dante CD has just passed  their CD trial over the weekend of April 5-6/08 , with 2 high point placings and I third place...his scores ranged from 193.5 to 194.5

  SG1 Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove BH CD TD CDX won her CDX title over in Sutton under judge Sandy Briggs November 11th/07, being high point dog in her class.


Congratulations !

 To Carol Virtanen and Goodshepherd`s Dante on their SG2 win at the Sieger Show

Under USA Judge - Karen MacIntrye

Many thanks to handler Patrice


Mark Cameron and Dabria Von Goodshepherd TD on passing your

CKC Tracking Trial on May 26th/07, under judge John Wilhelm in Powassan, Ont



Audrey Tendam owner/handler of Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove passed their Tracking Trial May 13th/07

Many thanks to Dan Joly for his time and expertise on helping me and Tuff obtain our Title.


John Tendam owner /handler of Cardshark`s Micheal passed their Tracking Title September 24/06

Put on by the London German Shepherd Dog Club


Date Name Judge Class Rating
Duro Arena, Peterborough (Handler: J. Tendam)
05/04/03 Cardshark's Micheal Michael A. Calhoun Obedience Points: 190 1/2
Qualifying score for his second leg
Pine Ridge Kennel Club - Norwood, Ontario (Handler: A.Tendam)
10/06/02 Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove CD J. Blenkey Obedience Points: 191
Qualifying score to earn her C.D. Title. High scoring dog in her class
Pine Ridge Kennel Club - Norwood, Ontario (Handler: A.Tendam)
10/04/02 Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove CD B. McHugh Obedience Points: 190 1/2
Qualifying score for her second leg
Norwood, Ontario (Handler: K. Calvin)
10/02/02 Cardshark's Micheal Mrs. S. Francis Best Of Winners
Richmond Hill, Ont. - Toronto Schutzhund Club (Handler: K.Calvin)
08/10/02 Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove CD Morton Goldfarb 12-18 month females SG3
Conformation Show - Canadian German Shepherd Schutzhund Club (Handler: J. Tendam)
08/10/02 Cardshark's Micheal Dr. Morton Goldfarb 12-18 Months Males SG4
Kawartha Kennel Club (Handler: A.Tendam)
07/07/02 Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove CD P. Townshend Obedience Points: 183 1/2
Qualifying score for her first leg. High point dog in her class
Orangeville - Saugeen Schutzhund Club (Handler: J. Tendam)
06/09/02 Cardshark's Micheal Horst Knabe SG3
Orangeville, Ont - Saugeen Schutzhund Club (Handler: K.Calvin)
06/09/02 Rivergreen Tendam Tufflove CD Horst Knabe 9-12 month Female VP1
Duro Arena, Peterborough (Handler: J. Tendam)
05/05/02 Cardshark's Micheal J.Pavey Obedience 1rst Leg


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