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Dabria always has her nose into something.

Dabria and the girls having fun.

Dabria von Gooshepherd playing Hide and Seek.

No Lexis that is not Santa Claus!

Lexis fast asleep

Lexis playing quietly.

Dexter climbing the benchs`

Dexter von Goodshepherd learning how to stack.


Dexter looks like a space alien with his eyes glowing like that.

Dante with his ball.

Dante is taking after his Mother as you never see her without a ball or something in her mouth either.

Samson in the Sit -Stay position

Max von Goodshepherd

Here Max is posing for Ralph the camera man

Max Graduates puppy class. with certificate to prove it.

Max was high point in his class, way to go Max!!

Janet, Dakota, Todd

Here Dakota von Goodshepherd joined the happy couple in there marraige ceramony.

Max is really starting to grown into that great male head of his.

Guess Who????

Breena wants in to be with her babies.

Breena was such a good mom

Dexter all ready for his walk in the park.

Sweet little Dante

Mikie attacking the sleeve at the Schutzhund club.

We have been told that you can feel his bite right through the fiberglass sleeve.

Auston von Goodshepherd.

Has now gone to be with his forever home, with Ken, Jim and mom and dad.

Auston on a beautiful fall day.

What a handsome stud dog for any females out there.

Our beautiful Breena as a baby.

Dan and Diablo always on Duty

Dan and Diablo will be leaving us for a short time in April to go to training camp.

Tufflove playing with her babies.

What a great mom and now grandmother she is.

Spy is such a beautiful girl, wish we could see her more often.

Guess who snuck into the hospital to see dad.

Yes it was Tia and all the nurses loved her and wanted her to come back for another visit.

Scott teaching Max to go over the A Frame

Max sure had no problem going over the A Frame, he quite enjoyed it.

Get up lazy bones!

Spy reading for bed,

Spy sitting on snow pile.

Love her color!