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John and Audrey Tendam owners of Goodshepherd Kennels' want to give Dan Joly our condolences for the loss of his

faithful partner Jaeger.


Canine cop dies after surgery   

Posted by Barry Ellsworth

Belleville police Const. has lost his partner, Jaeger, a German Shepherd police service dog, died last week after complications following stomach surgery. He was about 8 1/2 years old, said Joly who had gone through 16 weeks of  training with Jaeger from the outset of the dog's career and worked with him since. He was our service dog from 2002 till now. Joly said Jaeger was just a month or two from retirement when he fell ill suddenly.

It's a tough thing, he said One dog works with one handler, and the pair were a team.

Police dogs are used in a variety of ways, including sniffing out drugs, tracking missing people and suspects from scent taken off clothing and other items and helping out during drug raids.

But Joly said he and Jaeger liked meeting the public. We did hundreds of appearances, the constable said, including at schools and service clubs. The people enjoyed seeing him, he was always very good.


Dan and Diablo passed with top honours' at the OPP training centre in Gravenhurst.

Way to go guys, a lot of hot gruelling  days but worth it.

May you keep each other safe!!

Well it look like Diablo is doing a good job for officer Dan Joly, for we hear that the last two weeks of March, Diablo has brought down four criminals in two different cases, so if this team happens to be after you, just give up, you cannot out run Diablo and Diablo would not hesitate to take a big bite out of you!!


Diablo's presence did not go unnoticed at St. Paul's United Church, Stirling, last Sunday. The eyes of people in the packed pews of the church followed his every move as Belleville Police Const. Dan Joly kept Diablo restrained. However Diablo doesn't provoke sin he chases it. The three year old German Shepherd is the fifth police service dog to join the Belleville police  department.

Despite his name, Diablo was not at St. Pauls  to terrorize churchgoers, although he did mistake a leather purse for a snack.

Diablo and his partner Dan Joly were invited  to explain how they serve the community. Joly did most of the talking.

This is the best job I've had and I have had a lot of jobs, Joly said.

We at Goodshepherd Kennels' would like to thank Belleville Police department and their canines for the good work they do and for risking their lives so we all can have a safe place to live.

And we would also like to thank Officer Dan Joly for chosen one of our pup's from our stud dog Cardsharks' Micheal.

Good Luck Dan and Diablo in the upcoming years together!

Goodshepherd Kennels' are so please that Mark Cameron has nor received Dabria von Goodshepherd`s Search and Rescue Certificate with the North American Network.

Goodshepherd Kennels' would like to thank one of our breeding`s ( Dabria von Goodshepherd) for finding a lady's wallet, Good work Dabria and Mark!!