VA 7 Ghandi Von Arlett passed away

by Kerschberger on 09 December 2008 - 19:12



This is indeed a very sad moment in my life. I have a fabulous Ghandi son, Eiko von Santamar out of V2 Trixie vom Klebinger Schloß.

My memory of Ghandi was a real revelation and a huge gain in respect for this great dog. Coming from the 2003 KNPV police dog world championships in Rotterdam Holland, I visited the Sieger Show in Germany in 2004 for the first time a year later. I was bored during the bite work by the hesitations i saw in the dogs, and finally this dog came out of nowhere, no hesitation and BAM into the helper! I went nuts, and the audience was beyond belief exited!!! I was " who was that, which dog was that!!!???" and finally some one answered me


[font=Century Gothic]That was bite work extra ordinair!!! [size=5]

Rest in Peace, fabulous fantastic superb famous great , you'll be missed, good old boy...