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Welome to Goodshepherd Kennels'

 We at Goodshepherd Kennels` are happy you browsed in to our web site, and hope you   

enjoy your visit here and we hope you come back as this site is always changing.

Our dogs are not just pets, but family members that we love very much.  

We strive for that winning show line with the working line capability



                         August 3/2017             






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So many dogs are giving away or sent to  animal shelters because they will not do what they are told.

It is not the dogs fault, he needs someone to show him what to do.

If you are having problems training your dog then get help.

Behaviour Modification, Obedience and Manners, Aggression Problems, Protection Training, Search and Tracking

Call - ANICK VAILLANT  289-893-0306

E-mail *

Frank and Anick training Ikon for protection-u-tube video -







  We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals.  Treat all animals nice.




What a great day for Ikon and me for we achieved our BH Title under

Judge Doug Deacon at the Scarborough Select Schutzhund club.

Good luck to all the other entries on Saturday and Sunday.


  Congratulations to Carol Virtanen and Dante v Goodshepherd SchH 1 for passing the Schutzhund 1 trial

 with high point in obedience at the Scarborough Select Club.


Congratulations' to Mark Cameron and Dabria v Goodshepherd

for being invited to the most prestigious Search and Rescue Seminar in North America

and for being put into the advanced utdx and for having the Top Dog at the seminar.

So proud of you both!!

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, Your dog!

You are his Life, his Love, his Leader, He will be yours faithfully and True.

To the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


A SHOW DOG AT WORK !!!             VIDEO                                   



2010 Ontario Championship Show and Breed Survey

Judge Hans-Juergen Begier

IKON V GOODSHEPHERD- 9-to 12 month males, Rating VP1



Brags, Brags and more Brags Ikon winning 2 legs on his 10 month birthday!!

Ikon V Goodshepherd was high point in his Novice Obedient class with a score of 194.5

under Judge Diana Mc Kenzie at the

PADOC Trials in Douro Ontario...and also on the same day second high point with a score of 191 1/2

 under Judge Cheryl Bishop

Ikon v Goodshepherd earned his CD Title June 12/10 over in Orono, again high point in obedience.

  I'm sure all the K-9 police dogs and SAR dogs would like to give a great big

Thank-You to Dabria v Goodshepherd

for being the Guiana pig for Dr. Kristy Hiltz (DVM)rt who is teaching the Paramedics

how to deal with K-9 emergencies.


    Hello to all people who have just gotten a new puppy, a lot of times a new owner thinks they have to wait till the puppy   

    is 6 or 12 months before they can start to train there baby, this is so wrong as in the wild they would be learning everyday

    how to take care of themselves, The best time to teach your puppy is as soon as you get it home. At 6 weeks of age

      my puppy will sit when told, plats) down, walk nicely on leash and please" no" Pinch collars on a little puppy!

      I have attached a few pictures of Ikon at 6 weeks and 10 weeks and you can see for yourself how much they can learn,

       and  remember we never lose our temper! it's all in play and fun.

                                                                                                Attention, most important                                                                Recall                                           Ikon bringing me his kill




                     Our puppies have arrived!!! , July 14th/09"

           Family Portrait

New pictures coming of our brand new litter, Born Oct./5/10




Ikon 11 weeks of age



Click here for info on Sire

Click here for information on Ikon's Grandsire    


To err is human, to forgive is canine

 Members in good standing with Peterborough Humane Society.......Canadain Kennel Club..................The German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada......The Peterborough Schutzhund Club........

Information for the SV German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard

Congratulations` to Mark Cameron and Goodshepherd`s Dabria for achieving the title

Tracking Dog Excellence over in Powassan, On; May 24th/08

 Judge - Jack Wilhelm and Mark Cameron

with Goodshepherd`s Dabria


     What a nice surprise for Goodshepherd Kennels`"

 Goodshepherd Kennels` were honoured with a beautiful plaque from Belleville Chief of Police Steven J. Tanner for

             their donation of Diablo to Canine Officer Dan Joly, where both just spent 16 weeks of Gruesome Training.

       We hope that Diablo makes Dan Joly and Belleville Police Department proud.

                                 Canine Officer Dan Joly and Diablo presenting the plaque to John Tendam



 Our Mascots



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                      Please spay and neauter your pets, Please report animal Cruelty, and also Puppy Mills!!


Our Beliefs

1) That no dog should ever spend all its` life in a kennel

(2) That no dog should ever be beat into submission.

(3) That all dogs need exercise 

 (4) That all dogs need love and companionship. 

  (5) That all dogs need to be fed proper nutrition. 

 (6) That all dogs need to be socialized. 

 (7) That all dogs need lots of play time.

 (8) That all dogs should be supervised at all times.

(9) That all dogs need obedience training. 

 (10) That all dogs depend on us for their safety  


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 John/Audrey Tendam

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